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Our Work Process

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Meeting With The Customer

The first meeting is very important to get acquainted and discuss the main ideas of the project.

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    We ask about your previous websites

    Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?

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    We need to know about your goals from this website

    What are your goals for this project?

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    We need to know about your audience

    Who is your target audience?


We Analyze The Work Plan

  • When we understand the main ideas

    We proceed to discuss the work plan and analyze it.

  • Analysis phase in the SDLC

    Involves analyzing end-user business requirements and refining project goals into defined functions and operations of the intended system

  • Design phase in the SDLC

    Involves describing the desired features and operations of the system.

  • Issue related to the waterfall methodology

    Flaws in accurately defining and articulating the business problem. Managing costs, resources, and time constraints. Assumes users can specify all business requirements in advance. All of these.


Work Hard On The Project

Our professional team starts to work on your project and embody all details of the initial concept.

The different between the people that are very good and excellent is a little extra effort. Extraordinary and ordinary are not that different. To become extraordinary, we must be willing to put in the work that ordinary people are not willing to. That makes us different from other agencies.


Present Concept for Feedback

We Present these concept to you, explain the rationate behind each concept and why they would be successful. You the provide us with your feeback and what you feel resonates best with your needs. We execute the necessary revisons to develop the concept into a full-fledged set of designs. We follow up with a second round of revisions to finalize the product.


Get It Approved

Once we represent the design and concept, we get feedback from the client. If client approved the design and concept, ideas we go ahead in the next step for the development.

Why Choose Us

Elegant / Unique design

While designing a website for your corporate firm or company, Our designer make both elegant and professional designs that would make your websites appealing to the target audience.

Different Layout Type

When it comes to unique and Creative website different layout design provides unique designs. Wily Technology aim is to make unique Layouts that makes unique presence in the market that tells a story.

Make it Simple

Simplicity is always a complex thing. But our designers and developers make it easier together. Wily Technology have been delivering creative designs with simplicity that give the eye catching web design to the clients.

True Responsiveness

When it comes to Responsiveness. We provide perfect & clean design to our clients. For any possible and impossible needs our aim is to provide pixel perfect design solutions.

Testing for Perfection

Once the design and development is done. Project goes through the testing. In the testing phase we resolve all kinds of bugs by using the latest technologies and tools for making user friendly product.

Advanced Options

After finishing all designing and development part while delivering project to customer we provide client training session free of cost. Wily technology also provide free technical help to our clients.

Our Latest Work

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